Fresh All Natural Chocolates from Vermont

Chocolate - Testimonials


“Your chocolates are the best I’ve ever tasted. I’m an authority and they are, by far, the best.”
-Jacqueline O., Redding, CT

“There’s nothing better than Lake Champlain Chocolates!”
-Mary K., Ashland, KY

“We absolutely love your products and more importantly your customer service! Normally my partner does not eat chocolate but for some reason she consumed your Almond Butter Crunch! I on the other hand love your dark chocolates! We love your products!”
-Denise, K., Everett, WA

“I was referred by a friend who says your Peanut Butter Cups are the best.”
-Lisa C., Boston, MA

“I travel to Europe a few times a year and when I come back I always complain about the quality of American chocolates compared with the foreign varieties- that is until I found your chocolates. All I can say is a resounding, ‘well done!’ I am now a loyal customer and follower of your progress.”
-Ron R., Jamaica Plain, MA

“I received my order today and it was great because it arrived on my husband's birthday and he loved the chocolate. Very, Very, Very, good. Very happy with it, delicious.”
-Linda C., Johnstown, NY

“You’re the best chocolatier. You have all the others beat by a mile!”
-Carol L., Sarasota, CA

“Your chocolates are awesome! They are so much better than any other chocolates I have bought in the past. Not only are they pretty but the taste is the best I have had.”
-Melodie M., Buford, GA

"I recently had a scoop of your amazing vanilla chocolate chip ice cream and MUST have more. It transported me back to my childhood when chocolate chip ice cream was made with teeny-tiny shavings of chocolate (rather than big chunks like most today). Thanks so much!"
-Jan B., Avon, CT

"Your chocolates are absolutely the BEST chocolates I've ever had. I don't usually go crazy over chocolates, but I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven when I had yours."
-Michelle L., Shelton, CT

"Just tried a sample of your chocolate for the first time, they were superb"
-Al, via e-mail

“There is no finer chocolate than yours. It makes me giddy! Any day with your chocolate is a happy day. :)”
- Suzanne R., Ramona, CA

“I love your chocolates and started sharing your products with friends & family. Now they’ve come to expect that I have Lake Champlain Chocolates in tow whenever there is a holiday.”
- Natalie N., Macungie, PA

“I made the mistake of sending my daughter some of your chocolates. Well, needless to say she can't stop raving about them.”
- Wilda D., Washington, DC

“The moment this new, potent incarnation of everyone’s favorite aphrodisiac hit my tongue, I knew there was no turning back. Every glossy square was composed of the smoothest, most velvety substance I’ve ever experienced putting in my mouth - So obscenely silky that I hadn’t before even considered it to be a natural texture in terms of food. The magic came in the first bite, snapping a corner clean off with one swift cleave of the teeth and an audible ‘pop!’ that rang through the air like a bell. Slowly melting, allowing one to savor every last drop of flavor, it was nothing like any chocolate I had ever known.”
- Hannah Kaminsky,

“Since the weather for skiing in Vermont was not good, we decided to visit your store in Burlington. We were there late in the day; too late for a tour. However, one of your employees took the time to explain how chocolate is made and then showed us many of your products. We felt very special as she took time to explain the qualities of your chocolates. She also made us feel like we were customers in the movie "Chocolate" as she picked out truffles for my husband and I that she thought we would especially like. Our visit to your shop was truly a special experience. We also enjoyed sampling our purchases on our way back to Pennsylvania and agree that the quality of your chocolates is excellent.”
- Pat and Dennis L., via email

“Thanks for feeding my habit!”
- Don R., Ashburn, VA

“I have ordered from a few of your competitors. Your chocolates have been the most delicious by far. Outstanding!  I'll be a devoted customer for now on.  Good job!”
- Nick L, Pipersville, PA 

“Lake Champlain Chocolates has the best chocolate in America!  They are the perfect gift for any occasion.  I am proud to order my chocolate from Lake Champlain Chocolates!”
- Erica K., Long Beach, CA

“I ordered the Tower of Chocolate as a wedding party gift last summer, and I was thrilled and impressed with how quickly the chocolates arrived and how beautifully presented they were!  The recipient was just as pleased, if not more.  I highly recommend Lake Champlain Chocolates for their quality, presentation, and customer service, and will be back for more.”
- Anastasia L., Melrose, MA

"We always go to you guys when we want top-of-the-line."
- Michael C., Whiting, VT

“Your chocolates have changed my experiences in purchasing chocolates.  I first read about your candy in Candy Freak. The Five Star Bars are truly an experience. Thank you so much for the education in what chocolate can be!”
- Nancy B. Anchorage, AK

“I have never been disappointed when I have bitten into one of your chocolates, they are the best.”
- Betsy, W., Westbrook, ME

“Your chocolate is wonderful!
-Jay D., Roanoke, VA

“Your Chocolates are Second to None!  I brought them into work and everyone has gone GA-GA over your chocolates.  They are, without reservation, the FINEST we've ever tasted!”
- Robinmarie, San Jose, CA

“I live in Kuwait and recently sent my family a hearty gift pack of your fine chocolates and they are raving about them already. Just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to touch my family through your excellent products this season.”
- Garry R., Kuwait

“I must say I am speechless. I never liked chocolate, but after tasting this bar and experiencing the wonderful flavors, I now know I will be a returning customer.”
- Amy N., Oak Lawn, IL

“LOVE your chocolates. They just keep getting better and better. Thanks and keep the delectable chocolates coming!”
- Lisa S., via email

“I'm a great fan of Lake Champlain Chocolates. The quality of your product speaks for itself when tasted!”
- Martha, Litchfield, NH

“Everyone was enamored by the pretty designs of the chocolates. Equally enjoyable was the taste. Tasters found the chocolates to have a pure, classic flavor and liked the fact that they are a good size. The marzipan was described as ‘brilliant’ and the truffle as an ‘explosion of chocolate’.”
- Potentials Magazine, October 2006

“Thank you and you have a fine product I was introduced to on my visit to your beautiful state.”
-William T., Woodbridge, VA

“I would like to praise you on your delicious chocolates, and first rate service.  My family
always buys hostess gifts, and holiday presents at your store. Your chocolate is the best by far.
Keep up the great work.”
-Kate B., Hinesburg, VT

“My husband and I have been getting the Chocolate of the Month Club and
it is scrumptious.”
- Maureen M.

The chocolates arrived last Friday and were presented as a gift. What a smash hit! The chocolates are without question the very best we have ever tasted. They made my lady friend very happy.”
- Paul H.

“Thank you for making such great chocolates, and keep up the good work!”
- Jen G., West Chester, PA

“I love your products so much. I have them all the time. My family and I think you’re doing a super job and your products are so good! My family and I think it’s so good and we are your #1 fan. Thanks so much for everything you have done. Keep up the good work! When I'm older I really hope to work for your great company!”
- Caleb M., Phoenix, AZ

“I received a box of your chocolates for Mother's Day. I had to ration myself to one piece a day. I have eaten chocolate from all over the world and I can honestly say that your chocolate is the most delicious in the world. The truffles are to die for!”
- Pam M., Murfreesboro, NC

“You are great company, and your chocolate is wonderful! Thank you very much.”
- Joan L., Omaha, NE

"I'd like to pay you my highest compliments, and congratulations, for producing some of the very finest chocolate IN THE WORLD. I can only begin to describe the flavor of your chocolates; smooth, rich and sublime, fantastic and full bodied, simply superb - it "rocks," and is truly exceptional."
- Karen B. Chicago, IL

"I just placed my second order with you. Last year, I ordered 6 Placesetting Turkeys and my family was so impressed that they refused to come to Thanksgiving dinner unless I ordered them again. They just loved them.  At some later date, I guess I had better place another
order for Christmas, as the kids might again refuse to come. Great Chocolate!"
- Susan P., Manchester, CT

"I'm a chocoholic. I love the stuff and eat lots of it. I was in Burlington recently and stopped by the factory for an assortment of treats.  It was unequivocally the best chocolate I have had anytime, anywhere. Ever. Period. And believe me, I'm quite the connoisseur.  You guys are doing something very right and are to be commended."
- Jeff C.

"I would like to take a moment and thank you for making such wonderful chocolate.
I have never had anything so good until a friend of mine gave me a box for Christmas.
It was definitely love at first bite."
-Kasi E.

“…out-of-this-world mouth watering!!!!!! I'll never buy anything else.”
Suzanne H.

“Some of the best chocolate in the country.”
New York Times

I have been to Belgium many times and your products meet and in most cases exceed the quality and value of the best chocolatiers in the world.”
Dave D.

"Wow! I've had many different types of chocolate and yours wins first prize by far. You must have a secret!”
Joey A., Springfield, VT

“Thanks for giving us Chocoholics a reason for being!”
Jacki M., Littleton, CO

“I think we are sometimes brave in offering American chocolate to our good friends from Switzerland, France and Belgium. Yet from what I have tasted of your product, I think we can be quite proud.”
Richard B., Lexington, MA

“No one makes chocolate as good as LCC!”
Pam, via email

“The world’s finest chocolate…”
The Boston Globe Magazine

“The only way to eat your chocolates is with classical music, vanilla scented candles, and enough time to savor every nuance of flavor that crosses one’s palate (and following it with a sip of full-bodied merlot is nice too!)”
Kaycee O., Charlotte, NC

“I just wanted to let you know what a big fan I am of your heavenly chocolate treats. Keep up the good work!!!”
Shelly C.

“Your chocolate is absolutely amazing. I picked some up for my chocoholic girlfriend who was having a tough week. It lit her up. She smiled for the rest of the week.”
Matthew J., Wellesley, MA

“On a par with the best in the world.”

“All this time I thought England had good chocolate--you surpass them 10 fold!! I am in heaven. We will be ordering from your company again and again.”
Katherine E.

“I have never eaten anything quite as good as your chocolate.”
Donna B., Manchester, NY

“You've ruined other American chocolate companies for me. Now that I've tasted your stuff, I can never go back!"
Stacie D.

“Chocolate to die for.”
C. Cox, Davenport, IA

“Some of the best chocolates in the U.S."
The Gazette, Montreal

“I must tell you your chocolates were the finest I have ever had and compliment you on your chocolate-making standards.”
Idelle I., Northbrook, IL

“Please tell your pastry chef that he did a marvelous job.”
Monica I., Grand Junction, CO

“I am writing to express my appreciation to your company for producing one of the finest chocolate confections I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. I consider myself a chocolate aficionado and have over the years sampled many of the finest US and European chocolates. I found your products to be equal to or superior to the finest chocolates available today. I attribute this to your fine choice of ingredients and manufacturing process.”
Paul F., Manassas, VA

"I LOVE your chocolates!!!!! Adore them!!!! Yum yum yum....Favorite thing to do is have it with a cup of tea.”
Mary, via email

“One of my absolute favorites – some of the best chocolate on the planet.”
The Cooking Couple

“These are by far the best chocolates I have ever tasted.”
Jennie E., Lowell, MI

“Over the years my wife and I have come to be very fond of your chocolate. The finest we have had. And we consider ourselves serious devotees of chocolate. We could both rhapsodize endlessly about the marvels of your chocolate. It has brought us much pleasure.”
Elliot S., Gualala, CA

“They are lovely...very delicious. I'm hooked.”
Elsa L., San Francisco, CA

“Devastatingly addictive.”
New England Monthly

“I had some of your chocolates at a New Year's Eve party and just had to place an order. This candy was so incredible I just had to have more!”
Debbie, NJ

“You win the prize! Your candies are sooooo smooth and tasty!”
Sue P., South Bend, IN

“Meltingly seductive.”
New York Times

“I just want to compliment you on the best chocolate I have ever tasted--including all the chocolate I consumed while on holiday in Switzerland. I love supporting small companies and find them to be better quality than mass produced products. Your company has not disappointed me. It is a quality product that could only have been produced by a talented team of people who take pride in their work. Thank-you for a wonderful chocolate.”
Mary S., Springfield, VA

“All the other U.S. chocolate makers can’t even come close.”
Joseph C., Madison, CT

“I bought a couple of your small dark chocolate pieces and mmm mmm mmm...I am hooked. Thanks for making a quality and delicious product!”
Sheila D., Richmond, VA

“Absolutely the most delectable chocolates we’ve ever tasted! Thank you!”
Grace M., Whiteford, MD

“Last summer I bought some pieces of your chocolate and they were fabulous. Even a friend of mine who is a chocolate connoisseur admired yours.”
Masako T., Amherst, MA

“Oh My God. Your chocolates are incredible. I would venture to say that they are, without a doubt, the best in the world. My hat is off to your company.”
Patty W.

“LCC offers the best chocolate ever (believe me, I should know!)”
Maureen W.

“Exquisite [flavors] defy description."
Vermont Sunday Magazine

“I am a dark chocolate fanatic and yours was wonderful! It had just the right “bite” and it melted perfectly on the tongue.”
Patt P., Garfield Heights, OH

“Your products are excellent. All of my clients were very impressed with your quality and taste.”
Trent B.

“I’ve eaten your chocolate and half an hour later I’m still getting flavors revealed in my mouth. Really amazing.”
Joseph C., Madison, CT