Fresh All Natural Chocolates from Vermont

Chocolate Bars - Testimonials


“I’ve enjoyed your chocolates for years now and just recently came across your Dark Spicy Aztec bar at my natural foods store. It’s the best chocolate I’ve ever had. Thank you for your delicious and adventurous recipes!”
-Nancy S., Richmond, VA

“The other day, my boyfriend showed up at my house with 3 bars of your chocolate – the signature milk chocolate bar, the organic milk sea salt and almond chocolate bar, and what I believe is the most amazing candy bar I’ve ever eaten – the caramel filled milk chocolate bar. The caramel is sinfully delicious, and the chocolate in all of your bars is just plain wonderful. I am particular about what chocolates I really like and yours are now my favorite.”
-Melissa B., Denver, CO

"I recently purchased one of your Raspberry Truffle Dark Chocolate bars (3.25 oz) at New Frontier's Natural Food Store in San Luis Obispo, California. Absolutely delicious! Thanks for such an exceptional chocolate bar."
- Leslie S, Los Osos, CA

“The elegant, smooth dark chocolate is just the beginning. Skillful combination of the emphatic strength of rich dark chocolate with the expansive and not-too-sweet caramel filling yields a delightful synthesis. The caramel, though not revealing the rum its label touts, is subtle and does not override the chocolate, which is itself clearly the focus of this bar. Subtle details are not left aside, however. The gold foil wrapping is beautifully embossed, simply a pleasure to look at and touch. You almost don't want to open it, but you know what goodness lies inside!

Lake Champlain has shown itself to be excellent in crafting its solo chocolate products as well as deft in the blending of chocolate with caramel, which, in this second iteration of the company's products that I've tried, reminds me of why the two flavors of fine chocolate and delicate caramel are such a classic combination.”
- As seen at:

“Normally I'm not the type to write, but I had to tell you that your Dark Chocolate Jamaican Rum Caramel Filled Bar is just about the best American chocolate I have ever eaten. The chocolate is superb, but the soft filling is what sets it apart from all the other imitators.”
-Stan K., West Windsor, NJ

“I just discovered your chocolates and want you to know that I have never tasted anything
so good!  I bought one Java Truffle Filled dark chocolate bar tasted it just outside the store
and went in to buy another one before I left.”
- Deidre W., Tucker, GA

“I absolutely love your chocolates! My husband and I visited Burlington last summer and toured
the factory and now we are hooked. The Sao Thome Select Origin Dark Chocolate is one of my favorites. I live in Western New York, and I am pleased every time I find another store that carries your products. We have been back to Burlington, and just had to stop in for a new supply. We purchased several gift boxes for Christmas gifts and everyone that received one was quite impressed. Thank you very much for your dedication to quality!”
- Jean M., Rochester, NY

Peanut Five-Star Bars are brilliant, simply brilliant.”
- Catherine

“I read about your 5 Star Bars in Steve Almond's Candyfreak. I decided to pick one up and
give it a try. I was intrigued by the description in the book. I am eating my Caramel Bar now,
and it's wonderful! The quality is everything that Steve Almond said it would be. The caramel
tastes buttery  it reminds me of the homemade caramel dip my mom used to make for apple
slices. The bar looked small at first, but it's so rich that I can barely finish it. Though I think I'll somehow manage! I'll be checking out the Hazelnut Bar the next. Thanks for putting out a great product.”
- Eva S., Plainfield, IL

“I live in Akron, Ohio and there is a market about 20 minutes away from my house. They carry your Chocolates Bars. They are the best chocolates I ever had!!! I am a pastry chef and I know excellent chocolate when I taste it! Driving a little ways is a good excuse to have wonderful chocolate!”
- Dianne P., Akron, OH

“I purchased my first chocolate bar from you yesterday; the Milk Chocolate with Almonds.
I was stunned at how delicious it was! I bought it at my local market and wanted to pass on
my enthusiasm right away. Thank you and bravo from an extremely satisfied, and definitely
a repeat customer.”
- Mindy C., San Francisco, CA

“I just purchased my first package of your chocolate, the Dark Chocolate with Peppermint Crunch. It was delicious. I will definitely be purchasing more of your products.”
- Billie H., Woodland, CA

“I recently visited Vermont and just wanted to let you know that your chocolates are the best I have ever tasted! No other Chocolate Bars even add up to yours! I am so happy I can order them online. Thank you for such a great product! Keep up the good work.”
- Kimberly S., Syracuse, NY

“As a lifelong chocoholic, I must write to congratulate you on the best American-made chocolate bars I've ever had the pleasure of consuming.”
D. Gale

“Thank you for your talent and your dedication to quality. We are faithful to your dark chocolate bar. I just had to write and let you know how much we appreciated the chocolates and to say thank you!”
Alison Y., Sudbury, MA

“Lake Champlain chocolate is top notch quality as far as I am concerned. It has a clean, fresh taste--not chemical tasting like some other brands which shall go unnamed. Yours is the only chocolate I eat.”
Mary S., Springfield, VT

“I just purchased a Milk Chocolate with Almonds Signature Bar. VERY nice, creamy and smooth. Thanks for an excellent product!”
Patrick M., Corte Madera, CA

“About 20 years ago I lived in Europe for about 6 months and traveled all over. I fell in love with Swiss and Belgian chocolate bars and even brought home with me to the US a “stash” of about 20 bars, which I promptly refrigerated and slowly consumed over several months time. LCC bars are the equal of those delicious memories and I must commend you on bringing to American shores a world-class chocolate bar!!”
D. Gale