Fresh All Natural Chocolates from Vermont

All Natural Chocolate - Testimonials

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am a chocolate lover, but am very much against additives, preservatives, colorings, etc. that most manufacturers use. Your chocolate is undoubtedly the best chocolate I have ever tasted.”
Pat M., Hollywood, FL

“When I gave a piece of your almond crunch to a chocoholic friend of mine, real tears came to his eyes. Frankly I understood myself, because both the almond crunch and peanut butter cups are masterpieces. Thanks so much for making great chocolate, with good natural ingredients (ahhh... how sweet to see merely 'evaporated cane sugar, cream, cocoa'...).”
Nicholas P.

“These days it is rare to find a company that uses fresh, pure ingredients in their products. You can taste the difference. No other chocolate company on the planet can duplicate your technique. Everything you sell is first rate.”
Adrianna L., Dearborn, MI

“Thanks again for the special effort it takes in today’s world to still care about offering a quality product free from harmful food additives.”
Pat M., Hollywood, FL