YWCAthrive! !

Today I was lucky enough to sneak out of the office and enjoy lunch on Lake Champlain.  Yes – lunch on a boat on the lake at the end of October!    Despite being a cloudy day, the lake was calm and it was smooth sailing (or shall we say motoring) on the Northern Lights.

The Vermont YWCA was celebrating the YWCAthrive achievement and recognition luncheon.  This was my first experience with the YWCA and Lake Champlain Chocolates’ first as a sponsor of the event.  Andrea Rogers,  long-time Executive Director of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts was the honoree of this year’s Thrive Award (replacing the longtime Susan B. Anthony Recognition Award).

She has been instrumental here in the Burlington community at making the arts accessible to everyone in the community:  young, old, rich, or poor!  We have a personal connection with Andrea, having been a long-time supporter of the Flynn, and were so delighted to see her receive this honor in her last year before retirement.     

Secretary of State Deb Markowitz gave an inspiring keynote address that made me stop and think about how I take my leadership  position at LCC and in the community for granted.  Being a 30-something, I’ve never felt held back simply because I was a woman.  Clearly, women of an older generation forged the way and broke the gender barriers, giving me the opportunity to “thrive” personally and professionally as I do!  

Thank-you to all of those women!  I can only hope that in some way, I inspire other young women to take risks, become leaders, and experience personal growth!