Yoga and Chocolate Hearts – because we all need a little Pick-Me-Up now and then!

Yesterday was a challenging day for everyone here at the Chocolate Factory because we had no internet and no external e-mails for the entire day. Wow, talk about debilitating. I can’t remember what life was like before these modern day conveniences. Luckily, we’re back connected with the e-world today.

But after the many challenges of the day, you can imagine how much I was looking forward to a little restorative Yoga after it was all over. It was just what I needed to settle down – a nice trip to the relaxing Yoga studio where everything is peaceful and happy. A place where there are no worries and they could help me get back some focus and take out some kinks. Almost as an afterthought, I decided to pick up some chocolate for the folks at Yoga as a thank you for bringing me back to myself. Never did I imagine the folks at Yoga needed a little restorative treatment, too. It's such a cool place there, why would they need an emotional and mental boost?

When I handed them the bag of assorted chocolate squares and chocolate hearts, you should have seen the glazed over looks of appreciation, not unlike what you’d see if you rescued a man in the desert and gave him a glass of water. Here I was thanking them for helping me get back to myself and they were thanking me for the same thing. Which brings me to my point. I forget sometimes that I work in an utterly cool place too where we make something that makes people happy every day. Can we claim world peace or a cure for male pattern baldness? No. But we make people happy. And that’s cool. Whatever you do for work, remember to try to spread a little happiness when and where you can. It just feels good. And it’s cool.