Will Run for Chocolate?

The Vermont City Marathon is coming to town this weekend.  It’s a great community event that LCC has always been happy to support as it brings thousands of people to downtown Burlington over Memorial Day weekend.  But one might wonder, what exactly do chocolate and running have in common?  Being a runner myself who also works at a chocolate company,  I thought if anyone can come up with why chocolate and running are a good match, I might be able to… I should say at the outset, none of this is based on any scientific facts or studies, but just my own experience as a chocolate lover and a runner.  So here it goes.

5 things running and chocolate have in common:

Reduces Stress
Running definitely lowers my stress level, I always feel calmer after a run.  The same goes for eating chocolate.   Grabbing a handful of chocolate covered almonds while working on a time sensitive project allows me to stay focused on the task and not be overwhelmed. (I’m doing this right now). 

Everything seems better after a piece of chocolate or after a run. 
Whether you feel revived, have a clearer head or just generally feel better about the world, both a run and some chocolate can do this for you.  (at least it does for me!)

Shared with a friend
A long run and some chocolate are always better when shared with a friend. Assuming there is plenty of chocolate.

Running and chocolate can give you a natural high!

Recovery Snack
A lot of people run FOR chocolate or because of chocolate.  I’m not sure I’m in that category but I will say that a Five Star Bar is one of the best recovery snacks you can have.  All of you runners this weekend, head to the Lake Champlain Chocolates Church Street store when the race is over and treat yourself to a Five Star Bar or maybe a double chocolate milkshake made with our small batch, all-natural ice cream! You deserve it!