Who’s YOUR #1 Valentine?

The other day, a woman called about a change to her order. She had placed it a few days earlier but scheduled it for later shipping, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Once I pulled her order up, I realized it was not too late to make a change and asked what she would like me to do.

 “Can I change where it’s going?” she asked.

No problem. I thought maybe she had entered the wrong address or perhaps the recipient was going to be somewhere else when it was time for delivery.

“Where would you like me to send this?” I asked.

“I’d like to change the recipient from the current name to my mother. The shipping address is the same as my billing.”

“Is it safe to assume you’d also like to change the message?”

“Yes, please. Just put Happy Valentine’s Day. And can you change it from Dark Chocolate Hearts to Milk Chocolate Hearts? My ex boyfriend liked dark but my Mom prefers milk.”

So, I happily made the changes but felt a little sad for her that she apparently is no longer dating the chap she had originally intended the chocolate for. But hey, nice score for Mom which is fitting since it’s probably Mom that’s consoling her over the break up.

And really, when you think back, wasn’t Mom our first Valentine? Didn’t she give us cute chocolate Valentine Candy treats when we were little and bake the cupcakes for the kindergarten party? Didn’t she take us to the store to buy those corny but lovable little paper Valentines we had to give everyone? And she’s probably even saved one for our scrapbook.

So, with that being said, don’t forget you’re very first Valentine this year. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom!