Who’s going to help me with these wedding favors?

As I go through each week, one of the things I work with is wedding favor orders, ideas, and marketing. It’s a big industry in general and it’s a big part of a chocolatier’s business during those months when there aren’t many chocolate-related holidays, such as summer. It’s quite fun to work on and gives you a real creative outlet. I say that right now from the inside looking out.

When someone calls looking for the perfect wedding favor for their event, it’s usually pretty easy to figure out the exact item that would go with their style, budget and picture in mind. They tell you what their colors are. They tell you what their chocolate preference is. They tell you how many and how much and voila, you have something perfectly designed for them and everyone is happy. It always seemed so easy.

What I never thought about is how overwhelming it can be from the other side. Here is a bride or a bride’s mother calling. They already have a million things going on and each detail is just as important as the last. Now they have to figure out the wedding favor and they simply want it to be perfect. And even though a wedding favor might seem like a small part of the overall day, it can take on monumental proportions when you start exploring all the options.

Wondering how these thoughts occurred to me? Well, my nephew is getting married and as a wedding gift, I offered to take care of the wedding favors. I thought it’d be simple since I deal with wedding favors all the time. And now here’s my dilemma – I want them to be perfect and convey the exact mood he and his fiance are hoping for. And I want them to love them.

So, do I do chocolate truffles in an engraved ballotin? I could do chocolate hearts in a sheer, organza bag. I could even do a chocolate bar and give guests beautiful, labeled containers that they fill themselves with their favorites. I just don’t know. I feel like one of the many brides that call looking for help with their favors. And I’m excited about it. Who does a person who works with brides arranging wedding favors call when she needs wedding favors?