Who is an LCC Administrative Professional anyway?




He answers the phone unwaveringly every day with a smile on his face and in his voice.

She knows who to call when the AC is blasting in December, or the heat is on in July.

He sends the annoying salesperson who has called three times that week straight into your voicemail.

She double checks your letters to ensure there are no typos or grammatical errors before it goes out in the mail.

He has hot coffee and fresh baked goods on hand when your most important client comes to the office for a meeting and greets them all by name when they arrive.

She knows everyone’s birthday in the company AND everyone’s kids’ names.

He knows how to un-jam the printer, lickety-split.

They are the backbone, the glue, that indispensible person in your company who holds everyone together.

And it’s time to say thanks.

Even though you should be thanking everyone you work with every day, in case that doesn’t always quite happen, there is a special day to honor those people who help you get through each day with success.  LCC Staffistrative Professionals Day.  This year it falls on Wednesday April 22.  Yes, it’s a long, cumbersome name and seemingly all-encompassing.  So many people do so many different tasks in an office to keep it running smoothly, it’s often hard to pin-point – who DOES fall under the LCC Staffistrative Professional definition?

Well, I say be liberal, be generous, when thinking about who is deserving of your appreciation.  I mean, can you really appreciate someone too much?  

And what better way to show your thanks than a gift from Lake Champlain Chocolates!  Sure, flowers are pretty, but chocolates you can secretly bring home and keep all to yourself, share with your co-workers, or save up and savor one piece a day, making the gift last that much longer,(and pushing you through that 3:00pm lull).

Here are just a few ideas- a big box of exotic, gourmet chocolate truffles to excite the senses, the spring chocolate assortment featuring our most sought after creations wrapped in joyous spring colors, or combine flowers and chocolate in one gift with our chocolate flowers gift box or bag. 

Finally, if you know your LCC Staff professional has a particular favorite, choose a box of our handcrafted chocolates– dark chocolate vanilla caramels, almond butter crunch or chocolate peanut butter cups to name a few.  There are endless options! 

Consider this your reminder, because this is one thing your LCC Staffistrative professional will not do.