When it comes to chocolate wedding favors – to each her own

In the course of my work, I write and send numerous press releases to a range of writers and editors regarding our latest company news, product releases, and events. It’s fun to watch where we pop up in the media once the releases are sent. Sometimes I come across a reference to our chocolates by accident or perhaps a customer will mention reading about them in an article somewhere but on occasion, writers and editors will give us a heads up about including us in their media. That’s always the nicest treat!

Well, this morning I received a wonderful e-mail from Brenda about including us in her blog after receiving one of our press releases. See, I sent out info this week on our newest chocolate favors including our Chocolate Sea Shell Pail and our Chocolate Heart Favor. We’ve always had wedding favors but with the growing demand for unique, gourmet offerings, we are offering some new items. We’re really quite happy with them but I never expected such a lovely write up as I saw when I visited Brenda’s Wedding Blog.

I thought perhaps she included us as a mention in a paragraph about favors so imagine my surprise when right there on the page is a beautiful collage of our chocolate favors and a wonderful write up about them. Now maybe this doesn’t sound terribly exciting to everyone but if you work in Marketing and PR, seeing and reading about your products in such a positive light is music to your ears. And it was to mine!

If you have a minute, check out her site. I read through some previous posts and they were great. It’s a pretty website to begin just full of ideas and bits of inspiration. Give it a look and see what wonderful things you might be able to dream up for your wedding!