What will chocolate look like in 2106?

When Burlington Parks & Recreation asked us if we’d like to put our gourmet chocolates in their Quad Time Capsule, we were both excited and concerned. Sure, we would love to have people in 2106 learn about what our chocolates were like in 2011, but we certainly wouldn’t want to eat 100 year-old chocolates! We were assured that all food items are preserved in glass containers inside the time capsule, so we said yes.
To go with the chocolates, we thought it would be fun to think about what chocolate might be like in 100 years. Keep reading to get a head start on the time capsule and learn a little about our Chocolates of Vermont and what we hope they’ll be like in 2106!

In 2011, we have already been crafting our signature Chocolates of Vermont for 28 years. Today they’re still made from the original recipes, blending our award-winning dark chocolate with all-natural Vermont ingredients – sweet butter, pure maple syrup, fresh cream, and honey from the hive. When you eat these chocolates, you taste the simple, pure flavors of Vermont that first inspired us to create them.

The idea of eating food that is locally produced is a very popular one in 2011. Consumers can go to Farmers’ Markets and talk to the people who raised the bees that produced their honey, or go to the grocery store and buy milk that comes from their neighbor’s cows. However, right now it is almost impossible to grow the cacao tree (that chocolate comes from) in Vermont. This tree requires a tropical, hot, humid environment and will only grow right around the Earth’s equator. That area of the world is known as the Cocoa belt, and most of the world’s cocoa beans come from places in Africa, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia. In 2011, it would be very difficult to grow cacao trees and produce cocoa beans in Vermont. It is far too cold and snowy for most of the year to make the cacao tree happy!

In 2106, it is our hope that even cacao trees can be grown locally. Whether Vermont is much warmer and less snowy, or special greenhouse technology has been developed – we hope that there is a way to make all of the ingredients in our Chocolates of Vermont completely local. Not only will they really be chocolates of Vermont, they might taste even more delicious and remind us of our wonderful Vermont farmers with every bite. We also hope that, in 2106, our Chocolates of Vermont are still made with the same recipe, just like they were in 2011 and 26 years before that!

Most of all, we hope that you enjoy them – and that everyone still loves chocolate in 2106 as much as we do in 2011!