What to give Dad for Father’s Day… hmmmm…

Last month, I was stuck with the question of what to get my Mother for Mother’s Day. Oddly, I have no concerns over what to get my Stepdad for Father’s Day. Chocolate. No question. The funny thing is, even if I didn’t work at a chocolate factory, I’d still be getting him chocolate. And there’s no question about what kind of chocolate. It’s the dark-chocolate covered apricots. They’re delicious, he loves them and we’re done.

But the ease of this selection made me wonder why it was so much easier to pick a gift for Dad than it was for Mom. Is he less important? Is she fussier? Do I bring him less chocolate during the year in general so it seems like more of a treat? Well, quite honestly, no to all. I think it’s just that he really really likes chocolate. Sure you can say no matter what a child gives their parent, the parent will love it because that’s the way the dynamic works between parents and children but not here. My Stepdad loves chocolate. And he especially loves really good chocolate. So, chocolate it is. No dilemma. No frustration.

So if you’re stuck wondering what the ideal gift is for your Dad, surely he must have some decadent treat he indulges in once in a while. Just give it a few moments thought and I’m sure it’ll come to you. It might even be chocolate! Almond Butter Crunch. Peanut Butter Cups. Mmmmm!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. I hope you get that little bit of decadence we all need to feed our souls.