What to do for Valentine’s Day this Year?

Your Choice:

A Dozen Red Roses (that have been sitting in a cooler for who knows how long)

Dinner out (with everyone else in the world)

Lingerie (that you know will be worn once- maybe, if it even fits)

Fresh, all-natural chocolates from Lake Champlain Chocolates

Ok, I know I may be biased, but come on!  What would you rather have for Valentine’s Day this year?  Granted most of those items listed above go quite well together- chocolate hearts & flowers, chocolates in a heart-shaped box & lingerie, chocolate truffles after dinner out- but if you want to make sure you get it right, go for the chocolates no matter what. This way you are covered in case the flowers are dying, all the restaurants in town are booked and you’re not quite sure what size lingerie to get (you’re taking a big gamble on that one).

You do have to act soon though if you want to be sure to have your first choice.  Yes, there are some people out there who plan ahead- even for Valentine’s Day.

And what choices we have for Valentine Chocolates!  The Grand Heart Assortment is the ultimate in a heart shaped box of chocolates, perfect for the romantic.  The Sweetheart Assortment couldn’t be sweeter with its two trays of chocolate and a hand tied bow.  Or how about our adorable and delicious Kiss Me Frog? The perfect gift for friends, siblings or children.   

Make it easy on yourself, go online and place your order to guarantee a sweet Valentine’s Day this year. It will even come with a personalized gift card if you don’t have time to make it to the card store. 

And if you can pull off the flowers and dinner too, more power to you!