We won Good Housekeeping’s Taste Test!

Have you gotten your February issue of Good Housekeeping yet? Well, when you do, turn to page 155 and read about the Hot Chocolate Taste Test they conducted. Very exciting! They hosted two categories – milk chocolate and dark chocolate. You were only allowed to participate in one category so we entered our Old World Drinking Chocolate in the dark chocolate category and we won! How cool is that?

They tested 19 brands overall with a panel of 18 tasters and in the dark chocolate category, they said our Old World Drinking Chocolate was “the category’s clear winner”. Sure, we were pretty certain we’d fair well but it sure feels good to see it in print and by such a reputable source.

If you haven’t tried it yet, there’s still time. Not only does winter still have a long way to go but honestly, you don’t need the cold weather to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. It’s great after dinner with dessert (or perhaps as dessert), mid-afternoon when you need a little boost, even on those rainy days when you’re feeling a little blue. It’s just plain goodness. And it can be made with a variety of milks including soy milk for those who are vegan or can’t have lactose. We’ve got you covered. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!