Vermont Beer and Chocolate Pairing

Slow down and taste the beer?  You’ve probably indulged in wine and cheese pairing and maybe even tried wine and chocolate pairing, but have you ever done a beer and chocolate pairing?

Everything is better with chocolate, including beer.  This past weekend we had the pleasure of celebrating some of the best beer in the country at the annual Vermont Brewers Festival.  And, in true LCC fashion, we brought copious amounts of chocolate.  For two afternoon sessions we were able to delight festival patrons with a beer and chocolate education event.  The sun was shining, the beer was flowing, and the chocolate was on point.

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for this special event.  And, for all of you who weren’t able to be a part of the lively crowd, or simply enjoyed a few to many samples to remember, we’ve compiled our beer and chocolate pairings notes.  Enjoy!

Beer and Chocolate Pairing #1

Bernie Weisse Zero Gravity Brewery – Bernie Weisse

 Berliner Weisse 3.2 % a.b.v.

A slightly sour and forward thinking ale. This beer gets its unique character from Lactobacillus yeast.   Best served straight up or with your choice of raspberry, blueberry or woodruff syrup. Tart, crisp and refreshing. 

– paired with –

*New* Organic Raspberries & Dark Chocolate Bar

Organic 57% dark chocolate packed full of bright red raspberry drupelets. The sour of the raspberries intensifies the natural tartness of the chocolate and is balanced by the smooth, brownie notes of the chocolate.  Festival goers were able to get a special sneak peek of this exciting new bar – coming March 2017!

Caution: over-indulging in beer and chocolate may cause a serious case of Drupelet.  Explores the classy with the sassy. Traditional while brazenly questioning authority. 

Beer and Chocolate Pairing #2

Burlington Beer Company – You Can’t Get There From Here  

Arctic Blue Honey Suckle Sour Arctic Blue Honey Suckle Sour, 4.5 % a.b.v.

The first in series of sour beers featuring different fruits  You Can’t Get There From Here showcases Arctic Blue Honeysuckle berries from Canada. These oblong berries taste like a wacky mix of blueberry, cranberry and lychee.  A fruit-forward flavor is complemented with the multi-grain grist of barley, wheat, rye and oats.  This beer is brewed with a mindful sprinkle of lactose for a sweetness that balances the bright sour flavor.

– paired with –

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramelssea-salt-caramel

 A luscious, creamy caramel drenched in dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. Made with fresh Vermont cream, 57% dark chocolate, vanilla from Madagascar and salt from the Greek seas, these caramels melt in your mouth and burst with flavor

 When enough of both of these are consumed in equal portions, you can not only get there from here, but now you’ll know where “There” is and you’ll want to go back.  Often.


Beer and Chocolate Pairing #3

Zero Gravity black cat porter Zero Gravity Brewery – Black Cat Porter

 American Porter, 4.8% a.b.v.

A robust dark ale with plenty of roasted malt character. Coffee, chocolatey goodness with enough hops to balance. Put your 9th grade superstitious self aside and cross paths with this nimble beast.

– paired with –


Organic Cherries & Chocolate Bar

Cherries and chocolate . . . like sunshine and summer breezes, they’re lovely on their own. And even more delicious together! Taste for yourself, in this 72% dark chocolate bar studded with tart Northern Michigan dried cherries and butterfly kissed with Madagascar vanilla.

 Great combination of a robust dark ale with a dark fruity chocolate.

Beer and Chocolate Pairing #4

 the Bee KeeperBurlington Beer Company – Bee Keeper

Imperial Honey IPA, 9% a.b.v.

This beer is brewed with organic honey and conditioned on Yellow Birch.  The floral bouquet of aromas from the honey works in tandem with the hops from America and New Zealand to create a truly unique aromatic experience. Lemon, honey drizzled croissant, and tropical fruit notes lend subtle complexity to a rich malt backbone and an explosion of citrus hop flavors.

– paired with –

Dark Chocolate Candied Orange Peelchocolate-orange-peels

Bite into a delicate chocolate dipped orange peel — for a refreshing taste of citrus covered in smooth 54% dark chocolate. Fresh Valencia orange peels are sliced, then candied in our copper kettles. Next, they’re dipped in dark chocolate and cooled for a truly mouthwatering result. From start to finish, it takes three days to craft these chocolate covered orange peels.

Best when both are tasted while listening to the Orange Blossom Special.