Vending Machine Chocolates – Am I jaded?

Here in the factory, our break room has a vending machine. Between the sodas at the bottom and the multitude of undersized bags of chips at the top, there lie the snacks and miscellaneous treats. 

For some reason, our vending supplier in its questionably infinite wisdom constantly puts in cheap candy bars. You know the ones; the big brand name ones that sit for a dubiously long time under the counter at the corner store, the candy that over-stimulated children mewl and grab for at the checkout line at the grocer. 


One would assume the supplier would have figured us out by now. The candy bars remain by and large untouched, while the non-chocolate treats usually go missing days before we’re scheduled for a restock. A couple of weeks ago, for instance, there was a particularly appealing roasted peanut and toffee thing I’d never seen before or since that lasted all of two days before the machine’s supply was picked clean. (I swear, I only had three!)

I’m not a snob who refuse to touch any sweet thing that isn’t our own chocolate; I’m just who’re a little fatigued by chocolate. I still love it, but with such a bountiful supply so readily at hand, high quality chocolate loses some of its fetishistic appeal and becomes a treat to indulge in for satiating genuine cravings, rather than the more covetous desire that says, “If I don’t eat that last chocolate square right now, it won’t be there when I actually want it, and it’s better to have eaten chocolate and felt sick to your stomach than to have never eaten chocolate at all.”

It’s this change in tastes that makes the filled chocolates so popular in the building. Sure, that square of our dark chocolate is spectacular, but we know that chocolate and can get a bar of it as easily as a cup of break room coffee. You know exactly how it tastes, how smoothly it melts, and while you love it, you want something a little different. Something that goes beyond just chocolate, like a chocolate-covered pretzel to cover the salty, sweet, and crunchy marks all at once. Maybe a handful of the chocolate eggs we fill with a multitude of different flavors. 

But a piece of mass produced chocolate that’s been sitting in the vending machine since quite possibly the beginning of time? Pass. A similarly questionable pack of Oreos? Cover them in white chocolate, and maybe we’ll talk. 

Call me a little jaded or blasé, but with all the options at hand, can you blame me?