Valentine’s Chocolates: What to get for the KIDS?

What to get your kids for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a time to show how much you care for those around you, and that includes all of the members of your family, even the little ones. Fortunately, we have the perfect gift for the children in your life. We have put together a fun little child-friendly box of chocolates. With six chocolate candies, all of which are milk chocolate, you can be sure the young ones will enjoy each piece.

Frog Coloring Page Image

But why stop at chocolate? We’ve created a coloring page based on the box top, which you can download here. Complete the set with a box of crayons, and you have a winning combination!

As an alternative to the box of frog-chocolates, or maybe in addition to it, you could also pick up one of our Chocolate Frogs. Kissing him might not turn him into a prince, but it will certainly taste good!

Whatever chocolate you chose, a little chocolate and a little coloring are sure to go hand in hand for your kids.

Download the Frog Coloring Page

Download the Chocolate Box Coloring Page