Valentine’s at the Vineyard

What could be better than “Valentine’s at the Vineyard”.  The first vision that comes to mind probably is of a lovely afternoon in the Napa Valley in California.  Or maybe a day on Martha’s Vineyard.   But no,this was Valentine at the Vineyard in Vermont!   And what a lovely afternoon it was.   Cold and blustery outside yet warm and inviting inside with fabulous wine, great architecture & art, live music by our Symquest friend, Chris Peterman, and fantastic chocolates and pastries!

If you aren’t yet familiar with the Shelburne Vineyard, it’s a must-see destination for anyone passionate about wine.    Admittedly, I thought “You can’t grow grapes in Vermont much less make decent quality wine.”   Boy was I wrong!    Gail, Ken, and the team at Shelburne Vineyards have perfected their craft and produce some top-notch, organic wines.  Saturday afternoon, visitors got to take a tour, taste a flight of wines, and indulge in decadent desserts from Vermont Brownie Company, Mirabelle’s, and Lake Champlain Chocolates.   Even better, a portion of the proceeds benefitted the Shelburne Food Shelf.

The most popular chocolates of the day were the Organic Ethiopian Coffee, Mango, and Honey Fig Truffles.  This surprised me a little bit as our best sellers are Aztec and 70% Dark.  Perhaps the attendees of this event (a nice crowd of several hundred) knew that the Mango and Honey Fig brought out the quality of the Vermont-grown Riesling?     The milk chocolate and cream help to smooth the crisp acidity in this wine featuring honey, pineapple and pear notes with a nice lingering flavor of grapefruit.

LaCrescent (Breeding Barn Vineyard) was my favorite with apricot and peach aromas that leapt from the glass, flavors of apricot, and a touch of sweetness followed by cleansing acidity.    The best-selling Organic Aztec Truffle made a surprisingly good pairing  –  the spiciness of the cinnamon comes through with fruity making for a fun flavor sensation.

I highly recommend any afternoon at the Vineyard – it’s a beautiful location, warm and friendly staff, and great local wines!