Valentine’s Chocolates: What to get for a FRIEND?

Chocolate NonPareils from Lake Champlain Chocolates

There are all sorts of love, from the romantic kind to the familial type, and you should celebrate every kind of love on Valentine’s Day. So why not make sure you get something for your best friend? If you’re thinking that it can be a little odd to send a friend a red heart-shaped box of chocolates with romantic phrases written on the top, don’t worry, there are plenty of things that can carry the idea of a valued friendship without the romance.

For instance, getting something sharable is a great idea; not only do you get to partake in the treat, but you can throw in a DVD, and a pack of microwave popcorn and call it a ready-to-go night in with the gals or guys! For chocolate, try our nonpareils or some chocolate covered nuts. For movies, think Wayne’s World or Thelma and Louise, or, if you want to suggest something that might be in the works, When Harry Met Sally.

Whatever you choose, good chocolate will always be an integral part of the final package!