Trick or Treat

It’s Halloween. Can you imagine how crazy it can get at a chocolate factory on Halloween? Not to mention that word has gotten out in my neighborhood where I work so I’m sure I’ll have just a few more trick or treaters at my door tonight. That’s OK. I love to see the costumes.

Speaking of costumes, I don’t remember them being so elaborate when I was a kid. I think my costumes were more in line with Charlie Brown dressed as a ghost with far too many holes cut in the sheet.

But just this morning, the daughter of a co-worker came by to say Happy Halloween and she was the cutest thing ever! Imagine a little 2-year old dressed as a big floppy daisy. She had this humongous smile on her face and she was running around looking like the funniest little flower you ever saw!

And this past weekend, at our Halloween event on Church Street, we had thousands of trick or treaters come to the store in costume and each one was as cute as the last. I specifically remember this tiny skunk and a little giraffe come in for candy and hot chocolate. It was so fun. We all dressed as wizards and ran around the block handing out treats and a few tricks. To be a kid again. I’m not sure if I’d ever want to go back to childhood but it sure is fun to get a small dose of it now and then.

Whether you’re heading out with your kids or answering the door at home, throw on your best sheet and have a Happy Halloween!