Today in the Chocolate Factory

Today in the factory, the signs of Easter are everywhere. So, in roaming around the factory floor, here are some of the goings on for the day.

An army of rabbits is being assembled in a variety of chocolates. While LCC doesn’t do a great deal in white chocolate, Easter seems to be a time of the year where there is a demand for it. 


Not to be outdone is the ever-popular milk chocolate bunny.

He even comes in another version, slightly less traditional but with a funny little face. This guy gets boxed while the others go in clear bags with colorful bows.

Along with the bunnies are the filled chocolate eggs. Here they are unmolded onto trays.

Stacks of eggs await their fate – the wrapping machine.

Just as pretty wrapped in their shiny foil as they are unwrapped.

Not all the work going on has to do with Easter. Here, locally produced Cabot butter is waiting to be whipped into chocolate to create the ganache filling for our truffles. Where ever possible, Lake Champlain Chocolates tries to use locally grown and produced products.

Whipped ganache ready to be formed into truffles.

Hopefully you enjoyed today’s little peek into the factory. Don’t worry, we’ll do it again!


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