To err is human, I’ll eat it! Oh, and more on Pumpkin Spice truffles

I love new employees. Not only because it’s fun to meet new people but because when they work in the factory or in the factory store café, I win. You’re wondering what I mean. I’ll tell you.

New people don’t walk through the door of our factory store café knowing exactly how to make our coffee drinks the way they’re supposed to be made. They need to practice. And sometimes they practice on me. And new people don’t walk through the production door knowing how to put specific chocolate designs on each truffle. They need to practice. And sometimes I get to eat their mistakes. So you see, I win. When we get new people, I get to test drive their lattes and eat their mistakes. Excellent!

Now, we don’t get new people every day as folks come to work here and tend to stay (a good thing as it makes for good relationships and long lasting friendships) but during certain times of the year, we bring in seasonal help. What brought this to mind was just this week, I got a practice run vanilla latte and some vanilla malt truffles that had the wrong design on top. What can I say? I’m a team player. I do what I can to make sure when you come see us, your chocolates and specialty drinks are just right.

I wonder if people working at the Federal Mint get to bring home seconds. Lucky ducks! I think I’ll go check and see if anyone needs to practice making an espresso…

PS – Insider info: Due to popular demand, Pumpkin Spice truffles are now available in "All-One-Flavor" 30 piece box while they last. Perfect for the season, even if you don't like pumpkin. Trust me!