The Sweet Spot, Coconut Eggs

I may have just found my latest crush – our Coconut Delight Egg. It’s new for Easter and we just got them out on the shelves so of course, we had to smash one open and try it. Perfect timing as I needed a little sugar rush to get me through the rest of my afternoon and I really wasn’t sold on anything. That is, until someone told me they were smashing open one of the new chocolate Easter eggs.

So, let me tell you about it. It’s 2.6 ounces of creamy coconut filling and dark chocolate “shell” and it’s wrapped in this springy, emerald green foil with a big pink ribbon. I almost felt bad about it getting broken open – almost! But once it was, there was all that sweet coconutty filling with real coconut and coconut milk and all sorts of tasty goodness. And there was enough there for us to share with each other even though I might have been able to eat an entire one myself, it was that good! And that's today’s sweet spot.

 Incidentally, if you're not as big of a coconut fan as I am, we also have a peanut butter egg with milk chocolate which also sounds yummy but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Maybe.