The Sweet Notes of Chocolate and the Discover Jazz Festival

Hey, we're 25 this year! But guess what?! So is the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival so we're teaming up with them as a Marquee sponsor and taking part in the 10 days of live jazz in the Queen City! So cool!

Now, if you're not from the area or you don't like Jazz, perhaps this post is lost on you but we're pretty darn excited. Jim, LCC's Founder, has always been into supporting music and the arts in the community but it just seemed this year there was such a natural marriage that we're even more involved and what an awesome year to do it. We've got Joshua Redman Trio, Dave Brubeck, Paquito D'Rivera, and so many more artists performing in our little ol' city for the next ten days. Each year the festival grows so if you can't make it in '08, check it out in '09. But if you happen to have some free time, hop in the car (gas prices be darned) and head on up. We'll be at a number of events scooping ice cream and handing out chocolates so not only do you get great music but a sweet treat too!

The sculpture above is from one of our chocolate sculptors, Emily Jones, made especially for the event. And it's 100% solid chocolate, edible from top to bottom. Why not come see us?! It's a great time to be in Burlington. For more info on the schedule of event (ticketed and free alike) check out the festival online at