The Secret is in the Syrup!

By now maybe you’ve heard of our Local Secret events- we highlight a local partner of ours who provides us with key ingredients to make our chocolates so delicious.  So far we’ve featured butter from Vermont Butter & Cheese and Vermont honey with a presentation from Bill Mares of the Vermont Beekeepers Association.  What could be next?  Hmm, it’s from Vermont, it’s a natural, unrefined sweetener, spring is around the corner….this should be an easy guess.  Yes, you’re right- Maple Syrup!
You can’t find a truer taste of Vermont than pure maple syrup.


And so this Saturday March 13 at 2:00pm at our 750 Pine Street Factory Store & Cafe we will feature a maple syrup and chocolate tasting!  And you thought sugar on snow was good…

The event will begin with a presentation by our neighbor and long-time friend David Allen.  David has been providing maple syrup for Lake Champlain Chocolates almost since the beginning- in fact, we use approximately 36 gallons of his syrup each year!  David will talk about life as a maple sugar maker and the unique aspects of Vermont maple syrup in its different forms of liquid, sugar and candy.

Henry Marckres from the State of Vermont Agency of Agriculture will lead the tasting presentation.  He will discuss the different varieties of syrup, taking note of the appearance, aroma and texture, as well as the differences between light and dark grades.  Like David, Henry has been working with maple syrup most of his career and practically invented the grading system of maple syrup!

Of course we can’t forget the chocolate- Gary Coffey, our Director of Retail will lead the chocolate tasting with attendees sampling our very own Maple Crunch and Granola Five Star Bar, two of our best selling products that feature Vermont maple syrup.

Seating is limited so it is recommended to arrive early!

This is the third event in a series launched by LCC last fall to celebrate and feature the local farmers who provide the fresh, natural ingredients that have always played a role in our chocolates.

Psst- Easter is around the corner, so after the tasting pick up some Easter treats while you are here!  How about the Granola Breakfast Egg featuring some of David Allen’s maple syrup?