The lost art of… chocolate sculpting?

This weekend, the neighborhood where our Chocolate Factory is located hosted the South End Art Hop. There are a number of artist studios in the area and they invite people to roam the neighborhood, check out their space, and visit the other art installations throughout the area. It’s a fun event for all ages and really opens our community up to the public. At our factory, we usually host art work from various artists and this year was no different. We hosted works from both an area photographer and a metal sculptor.

In addition to the art work, however, our own resident artist did a little work of her own. Emily, our factory store manager, is not only an artist in traditional medium but she’s also a chocolate artist and sculptor. So, for the event, she prepared a trio of chocolate robot sculptures as well as hosted a chocolate sculpting demo and it was fabulous! As they say, the joint was jumpin’. It was standing room only and you could have heard a pin drop as Emily demonstrated how she made her sculptures, all the while sharing funny chocolate sculpting anecdotes. It was such a success, she’s even going to host two more in the coming months.

There was something so cool about watching Emily as she worked with the chocolate. Many of us have no experience to speak of with clay or oil paints but we all have had plenty of experience with chocolate. And to watch her take this familiar and beloved material and create these incredible structures was just amazing. You almost forgot what it was. And what’s even better is she made everyone of us feel like we could possibly learn to do it too. Sure, I’ll never be able to make chocolate roses or paintings like the pros but I’m sure I could make something. And if I forget how to do it, I guess I’ll just be sure to attend the next chocolate sculpting demo. There are far worse things I could have to do!