The Link between Taste & Place- Vermont Terroir

Can you taste the essence of Vermont in our gourmet chocolates?  To get the answer, keep reading…..

On the heels of our very successful “Learn to Taste” event with Slow Food Vermont, this weekend, we are hosting a free talk about the connection the Vermont landscape has with flavor and the fascinating issues of taste, place and culture.  The talk, given by University of Vermont professor Amy Trubek, begins at 2:00 PM at our 750 Pine Street Factory Store & Café on Saturday November 13th.

An expert on food and culture, Trubek will discuss the significance of linking taste with place and the concept of terroir.  Originally a French term, terroir is most commonly used when talking about wine to denote the effect that a local environment can have on the flavor and taste of a certain variety of wine.  Loosely translated it means “a sense of place.”  According to Trubek, this sense of place can and should be applied here in the US and in particular, to our small-scale Vermont artisan farmers. 

“I’m trying to represent these people’s [small-scale producers] experiences and their ideals, and how that touches the culture.  This is about discernment, taste, what happens in the mouth, and what kinds of variables affect your taste experiences, “says Trubek.

During her talk, Trubek will talk specifically about Vermont maple syrup, honey and cheese and how they are affected by terroir.  Gary Coffey, the Director of Retail for LCC, will lead a discussion about the use of these local products in our chocolates and why LCC chooses to use these ingredients.  A tasting of chocolate that incorporates these local ingredients will follow.

Owner and Founder, Jim Lampman has always recognized the importance of Vermont ingredients:   “When I started this company, I choose to use Vermont honey, maple syrup and dairy in our chocolates because these are the flavors and tastes of Vermont.  Representing these Vermont flavors is the foundation of our brand and is what sets us apart.”

“The more people understand what goes into making all of our wonderful local foods, the more they will appreciate it,” says Trubek.  Prior to joining the UVM faculty, Trubek was the executive director of Vermont Fresh Network and recently published the book The Taste of Place: A Cultural Journey into Terroir (University of California Press).

This talk is part of our continued Fall/Holiday series of events and “Chocolate Celebration” Weekend November 11-14. It will be accompanied by Factory Tours, hot chocolate tastings, storewide samples and sweet deals on chocolates, 25%-50% off. While there is no need to register for this event, space is limited and fills quickly. Those interested in attending should plan to arrive early.