The healing power of hello (and Chocolate)

Usually, when I go visiting my family, I bring a chocolate treat of some sort. It’s pretty much expected and I hate to disappoint. Besides, it’s really not worth hearing the complaints when I don’t bring any. So, they get chocolate and everyone’s happy.

The problem is I have a brother who lives in neighboring NH with his wife and two children and I think they feel a little left out at times. With that in mind, I recently sent them the Try Them All Chocolate Bar Sampler. I didn’t tell them it was coming and I really had no reason to send it other than because I love them and miss them and wanted to be sure they knew I was thinking of them.

Here’s the thing. We often hear about people being the victims of bad timing. Well, this is a story about better than perfect timing. You see, while I was sending this chocolate treat to my family for no specific reason (who really needs a reason to give chocolate?) it arrived the day my niece received a hairline fracture in her foot. Yeah, that stinks. But what made it worse is she’s an awesome cheerleader and now her season is done. Major bummer. Now, imagine the worst day of your childhood being offset by a box of chocolate bars magically appearing at your doorstep.

OK. To the point of the story. You never need a reason to let your family and friends know they’re in your thoughts because there just might be a time when you share that message and it means more than you can know. I knew the chocolate would make them smile but when I heard it dried a couple tears, I was truly pleased. With or without chocolate, why not reach out to someone you’ve been missing and say hi right now? Go ahead, I’ll be here when you get back.