That’s One Big Bunny.

We’ve been making what has to be one of the bigger chocolate Easter bunnies in the country (world?) for a long time.  Just take a look at this picture of owner Jim Lampman holding what we endearingly call the Ha Ha Bunny.  It tells us two things:  1. We’ve been making this bunny at least since the early 90s when this picture was taken. 2. He needs two hands to hold the bunny. 

It’s big.  Really big.  And kind of heavy.

What does one do with such a big bunny?   Well, this year (like all years) we raffle off a couple of these bunnies to one of our favorite non-profits in the area.  This year we decided to help our friends at the Sarah Holbrook Center.  You may have heard us talk about them before—they’ve been helping families in the Old North End of Burlington for 75 years through social development, education and recreational opportunities.
To enter the raffle, stop by one of our company stores (Pine St or Church St in Burlington and on Route 100 in Waterbury) and buy some tickets to win!  With 23 lbs of chocolate and 2 feet tall, this is all the bunny you’ll need!