Take your Best BunnySelfie

Easter is all about the bunny.  And specifically chocolate bunnies.  Everyone has a chocolate bunny in their basket come Easter morning.   LCC has some pretty adorable bunnies (see how they are made here) and it’s kind of a shame that they are appreciated for only a short time before they are devoured a few moments later.

So we thought what better way to celebrate the adorableness of our bunnies and get excited for Easter than to take some #bunnyselfies?

We’ve asked LCC employees to take their best #bunnyselfies with our Hopp’n Bunny– he is so darn cute that he looks good just about anywhere!  From now until a couple days before Easter we will be sharing #bunnyselfies— who knows where the bunny might end up.  On the ski slope?  Enjoying a hot chocolate?  Hard at work?    Check back for updates and feel free to share your own #bunnyselfie on our facebook page or instagram.  Just remember to tag @lcchocolates for instagram and use the hashtag #bunnyselfie so we all can enjoy and share.

This is going to be fun!