Stop the Presses! LCC is in the NY Times!

If you didn’t believe me when I told you Burlington, VT was a cool place to come visit, now I have proof. The NY Times Travel section ran an article called 36 Hours in Burlington, VT where they chronicled their 1 ½ day visit to the Queen City. And guess what. They included a nice mention of Lake Champlain Chocolates. Apparently, while wandering down Church Street – Burlington’s downtown – they stopped in and had some hot chocolate and truffles. And it was memorable enough they saw fit to include it in their travel journal. Very cool!

I have to confess, I saw it posted online Friday with a byline date of 11/2 so I knew it was coming. I even did a choco-tweet on the LCChocolates Twitter page. But there’s something about opening up a newspaper or magazine and seeing it in black and white. It’s uber-cool when it’s the NY Times. And if you didn’t see it this weekend, you can still check it out online at

Now, on to some new things. Beginning tomorrow, we’re doing a giveaway right here on the blog. Will it include chocolate? Yes! Will it include anything other than chocolate? Yes! Will I like it? Yes! Ok, now stop. I’m not telling you until tomorrow so stop trying to get hints. I’m terrible at keeping secrets so don’t try to dig it out of me. I might give it away and ruin the suspense. You’ll just have to wait.

See ya tomorrow!
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