Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Replace Those Tired Old Standbys

Each year at Christmas, I really look forward to my stocking. It’s always been a favorite part of the day for me when we look in and see what Santa left us. For a few years my parents Santa decided to stop doing stockings at my house and I had to stage my own protest to get the stockings reinstated as an official part of our holiday tradition. I even do them at my house for my family. The funny thing is, each year I get nearly the same things and when I find myself filling stockings, I gravitate towards filling them with those same items. After asking around, I realized there is standard list of stocking stuffers that everyone seems to get.

So this year, I’m going to improve the list with a few suggested replacements. Here are the top items I’ve found nearly everyone gets in their stocking and a way to creatively replace each item. Some are chocolate related and some are Vermont related.

An Orange in the toe
Replace with
Darn Tough Ski Socks – made in Vermont and perfect for keeping your tootsies warm on the mountain. They have a bunch of other socks too. Just role a pair up and stuff in the toe to fill it out like the orange would. (Besides, I like the idea of using socks to fill a stocking. Ha!)

Replace with
For boys – Axe Body Wash “Dark Temptation”. I got some of this as a sample from the folks at Axe and I had one of my co-workers test drive it. Apparently, he’s now a fan and since this guy is known to be pretty hip, I trust his word on it. It’s designed with subtle hints of chocolate aroma intended to impress the ladies. (While I think it smells pretty good, I love the ad even more. Search for it on YouTube. Very funny!)

For girls – Dolce Divina line of chocolate toiletries from La Dolce Diva. With a full line of delicious smelling creams, soaps, lotions and more, this is the perfect way to replace boring old deodorant with a decadent, chocolatey toiletry she’ll love.

Life Savers
Replace with
Chocolate Stocking Stuffer Squares. Sure, we all love Life Savers. We grew up eating them, didn’t we? But how about a sweet little treat they can keep to themselves or share? In assorted milk and dark chocolate, the squares are decorated with holiday images and packed in a slim, vertical pack making them ideal for sticking in a stocking. And since the holiday chocolate squares are individually wrapped, it’s easier to pace yourself. But why would you want to?

Lip Balm
Replace with
Homemade Chocolate Lip Balm. This recipe, from RecipeZaar, looks as easy as can be. And you can make it with your favorite chocolate chips, even white chocolate! Everyone loves getting a homemade gift and since it’s so simple, you can make a bunch at once and give them to everyone. I’d recommend using the Dark Sao Thome Chocolate Chips. At 70% cocoa content, they’ll make your lip balm really chocolatey.

Tooth Brush
Replace with
Nothing! You can always use a new toothbrush. I did see, however, some company in Japan selling chocolate flavored toothpaste. (I’ve never had it so I can’t give it a recommendation but it sounds kind of funky, no?) I would like to try Tom’s of Maine Orange Mango though.

Playing Cards
Replace with
Winter Hot Chocolate Tin. Decorated with cute winter scenes and filled with delicious Traditional Hot Chocolate, they can have a cup while they play with the cards you gave them last year. They’re probably in that junk drawer in the desk with the pens that don’t write and the broken watches they never had fixed.

These are just some idea starters. This year, let's try to be creative and do something a little different with our stocking stuffers. With the economy in question, it's important to make everything count. Pick your gifts wisely and maybe buy less but make it up in quality. A couple really enjoyable, quality items can really make up for a bunch of stuff. Happy Shopping!

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