Stay Sharp with Hot Cocoa

Who doesn’t need a brain boost once in awhile?  According to research and the folks at, a couple cups of hot chocolate “may help boost blood flow in your brain by about 10%.”  Yes, 10%.  Not bad!

So how does hot chocolate do this?  Let’s start with a quick science lesson taken from Real Age’s website:  blood vessels deliver oxygen to your brain and they work best when they are relaxed (doesn’t everything work better this way?). This allows oxygen and nutrients to go where they need to go.  Flavonols found in chocolate help your blood vessels relax and thereby increasing the blood flow to your brain.

Makes sense to me.  Chocolate always helps me relax and feel better.  And now it can make me smarter too!  Who knew?

There is only once catch to stay sharp by drinking hot cocoa-  you have to use real hot cocoa. Not the stuff that most of us grew up drinking.
Lucky for us at LCC, is featuring our gourmet hot chocolate as the Editor’s Pick!

Thanks for choosing Lake Champlain Chocolates hot chocolate and for reporting on such interesting research.  Keep it up!