Stay Cool!

It’s official.  Here in Vermont we’re having a heat wave.  It’s been 7 years since our last heat wave so it takes us a bit to adjust to 90 + degrees.  And for many people, eating in hot weather is not at the top of the list. 

Taking a cold shower? Yes.
Turning on the stove or grill? No. 
Drinking a cold beer?  Yes.
Swimming in Lake Champlain and then drinking a cold beer.  Yes and yes! 

There is one thing people do crave during warm weather- an ice cream cone.  There’s almost nothing that tastes more delicious and more like summer itself than an ice cream cone, especially on a warm- ok sweltering- summer night.

A few years ago, we realized we needed to put our good chocolate to work in the summer, if nothing else than to satisfy our own personal cravings; and thus Lake Champlain Chocolates Ice Cream was born.  The same all-natural, fresh ingredients go into our ice cream that go into our chocolate.  However, unlike our chocolates, we cannot ship our ice cream across the country, which means you have to come to Vermont to experience it- and it’s worth the trip. 

Thick, creamy and rich.  The coffee tastes so much like coffee, it’s no surprise there is real coffee in there.  Same goes for the Vanilla Almond Butter Crunch.  If you’re a fan of our Almond Butter Crunch, this is essentially the ice cream version. And yes, we use the same chocolate in our chocolate ice cream that we use to make our chocolates.  What could be better?

Just think of some of your favorite chocolate flavors and we just might have the summer version for you- Chocolate Hazelnut, Maple Butter Pecan, Mocha Chocolate Chip, even Chocolate Banana.  Ok, we don’t have any banana flavored chocolate but maybe someday we will!
And all our flavors are made in small batches, I mean small.  Our ice cream maker is only five gallons.  Need I say more?

Yes, there are other ice cream makers in Vermont who will remain nameless but we think ours is worth checking out- you can find it at our three scoop shops and at Shelburne Supermarket and Healthy Living.

So enjoy some ice cream and stay cool!