Spiced Pumpkin Truffles – Fall Flavors Abound

Labor Day. The definitive sign Summer is over. It’s only 6 days away. Yikes! Here in Vermont, that means it’s time to go apple picking. It’s time to put an extra blanket on the bed. It’s time to figure out where you stuck your fleece vests away last spring. It’s also time for Spiced Pumpkin Truffles.

As you might have noticed, Fall at the chocolate factory is marked very distinctly by the appearance of some delicious seasonal favorites. First it was the Hazelnut Praline Pumpkins. Now it’s the Spiced Pumpkin Truffle – another staff favorite. On Friday morning, coworkers drifting past my work space after having just visited the factory store were sure to inform me that they were now in stock.

And just this morning as I stood in the factory store talking to the retail manager, in mid-sentence, she glanced over and saw half of a truffle sitting on a sample tray. She stopped what she was saying, commented “Oooh, spiced pumpkin” and drifted off to snack on it. What were we saying? Who knows. Who cares. There were truffles to eat.

What makes these truffles so special besides only being available during the Fall? Maybe it’s the blend of flavors – pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and milk chocolate. Maybe it’s the Vermont cream and butter that creates the creamy ganache center. Maybe it’s just that it embodies the essence of Fall and wonderful childhood memories of Halloween and Thanksgivings gone by. I don’t have a clear answer as the truth probably lies somewhere in between but I do know they’re special.

If you’re wondering how you can try these at home, you can stop into one of our three retail locations if you’re in Vermont or visiting sometime soon. Or you can enjoy it in the 5-piece Autumn Truffle Gift Box. Even if you’re not a pumpkin fan, you’ll more than likely be a fan of it’s namesake truffle.