Spare Chocolate for Lent

Giving up something for Lent is primarily a Catholic activity but everyone can benefit from a little self-restraint/self-improvement now and then.  Anyone make a New Year’s resolution that has since fell by the wayside?  Well, here’s an opportunity to renew!

I think chocolate may top the list as something people give up for Lent.  I’ve done it in the past (mind you, it was before I worked at a chocolate company!)  I ate a lot of vanilla ice cream with maple syrup during those 40 days.   And yes, on Easter morning I couldn’t wait to dive into my Easter basket.  I didn’t feel one ounce of guilt as I bit into a delicious chocolate Easter bunny, which is saying a lot for someone who grew up Catholic.

But maybe instead of denying yourself during Lent, it should be a time to start something new, pick up a good habit instead of dropping a bad one- I mean eating chocolate isn’t really a bad habit at all.  We’ve all read those reports about how good dark chocolate can be for your health, not to mention your emotional well-being!

How about walking to work everyday?  Or cooking more at home? It might just turn into something that lasts.  Let’s be honest- we all know giving up chocolate is just a temporary thing.  Who can resist a basket full of Easter chocolate?  No one I know. 

We are already a week into Lent but it’s not too late to commit to something new and stick with it. 

Let us know what you are going to do….we’ll check back in April 4th and see how you did!