Smores with a Twist

In honor of National S’mores day, this past Sunday we decided to take our own twist on the traditional campfire treat.  Surprisingly this was my first s’mores event of the summer season – I think it’s just been too hot to even think about building a fire lately.

In keeping with the localvore/organic food movement, I choose our Milk Sea Salt and Almond and Dark Spicy Aztec organic squares.  I also threw in a few of our Signature Milk and Dark Chocolate Coins for the less adventurous in the crowd
(read: under the age of 4).

I was given the tip to try some local crackers called Castleton Crackers, made just down the road from us.  I was a bit skeptical, crackers for s’mores?  You need graham crackers for s’mores, everyone knows that.  Boy was I wrong.  These were amazing.  I’ll say it again, amazing.  Like our chocolates, Castleton Crackers are made in Vermont, are all-natural and made by hand.  They come in five different flavors, but the maple glazed ones were the obvious choice for s’mores.

For the marshmallows, we have a fabulous recipe for homemade marshmallows.  I’ll admit, even though this recipe is easy and quick, I just didn’t have time to pull it off, but if you want a true localvore, all-natural s’mores experience, this is the way to go.

So now we’re ready.  With sticks in hand, the roasting began. 

We laid the chocolate on or near the fire to move along the melting process.

Everyone tried each flavor- or at least the adults in the crowd did- and I believe it was a tie between the Spicy Aztec and the Sea Salt and Almond squares.   The cayenne, cinnamon and pumpkin seed flavors of the Spicy Aztec and the sea salt and almonds both paired perfectly with the sweet melted marshmallows; and the crackers, with just a touch of maple, provided a satisfying crunch (crunchier than graham crackers and with more flavor,  which we all liked). 

As an aside, we did do a little research in the LCC kitchen last week (another perk of working here, you can make s’mores and call it “research”) and Grace Under Fire was another popular choice.  Of course with a name like that, how could you not make a s’more with it?!  Like the Spicy Aztec, the heat was a nice counter to the sweet marshmallow.

I have to say, the combination of sharp sticks, fire, sticky marshmallows and melting chocolate with 10 people ranging in age from 1 to 92, things can get a little chaotic, not to mention messy. But that’s the nature of making s’mores.

So this year, try a different chocolate, a different cracker or make your own marshmallows, you might be surprised at what delicious combinations you’ll discover!