Share the Buzz & Help Save the Bees!

LCC owner & founder tending to bees at the Intervale Center

Did you know honey bees help grow over a third of the world’s food? 

And did you know that Vermont honey is one of our secret ingredients in the Caramel Five Star Bar?  
It’s one of the reasons it’s so incredibly delicious.

Bees pollinate over 100 types of crops in the US every year, and increasingly, they are endangered.  Since the mid-1990’s, bees have been dying at abnormal rates.  Colonies have been mysteriously collapsing with adult bees disappearing, seemingly abandoning their hives.  This phenomenon — known as Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD — is likely caused by a variety of interacting factors, including pathogens, loss of habitat and increased exposure to systemic and other pesticides.
Lake Champlain Chocolates is thrilled to be sponsoring Whole Foods Markets’ “Share the Buzz” campaign, supporting the The Xerces Society’s, a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring pollination habitats across the US. 

We also keep our own bees at Burlington’s Intervale Center, a progressive organization committed to strengthening community food systems through sustainable agriculture.  It’s our goal to eventually use our own honey to make the best-selling Honey Caramels and Caramel Five Star Bars! 

Through our collaboration with 19 other brands you may recognize − Stonyfield Yogurt, Amy’s Kitchen, Annie’s Homegrown, Evian Water, Blue Diamond, and Honest Tea − more than $100,000 will be raised to help save the bees.

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