Setting the Easter Table

We have everything you need to build an adorable and delicious Easter gift basket.  But you know that already.     

Let’s talk about the Easter table.

With spring almost here, it’s time to celebrate color!  Remember green grass and pink flowers?  I know, it’s hard to imagine but it is coming. And even though Easter is early this year and in many parts of the country (like here in Vermont) leaves on the trees and flowers in the garden are still a long way off, Easter is the time to start reminding ourselves that yes, indeed, we will see those wonderful sights again.

The Easter table is the ideal place to showcase all the color that will soon be in our lives again and our collection of Easter chocolate this year really captures the color, magic and whimsy of Easter.

Take our chocolate Easter eggs.  Wrapped in gorgeous Italian foils and filled with delectable flavors like caramel, raspberry, and hazelnut, it would be a shame to hide these eggs.  Scatter around the table or fill a glass bowl, the eggs will look stunning, but fair warning- they may not stick around for long!

Then we have our carrot patch with a Tendersweet milk chocolate orange carrot and a Cosmic dark chocolate purple carrot.  Inspired by the bounty of fresh veggies we enjoy at our local farmer’s market every summer, we created our own veggie patch (of sorts.)  Place a carrot at each table setting for your guests; a sweet treat they can enjoy now or for later.

The place setting chocolate bunnies are always a favorite year after year.  Charming and delicious, they are the perfect-sized treat after a large Easter feast.  Place the bunnies in some green grass to make him feel at home.

If you really want to make a statement, Mr. Goodtime Bunny, named “Best-Dressed Bunny” by Real Simple, will do just that.  Enough for a crowd to share (it’s over 3lbs of chocolate!), Mr. Goodtime brings good cheer in his morning coat and decorative Easter egg,  and will take center stage at your table!

We’re just the chocolate experts, if you’re looking for more table setting ideas and etiquette we’ll leave that to our friends up the street at Emily Post Institute

Hop. Hop.  Easter is almost here!