Select Origin 101

Apparently cacao trees don't like snow.

They do like hot, humid equatorial regions such as Central and South America, Africa, Indonesia and even Hawaii.  You probably knew this.

What you may not know is that where the cacao tree grows is going to influence the flavor of the chocolate that is produced from it. 

It’s called terroir, a term that refers to a region lending unique characteristics and influencing the flavor of a food.  Climate, nearby vegetation, and the type of soil are among the factors in determining a food’s terroir, and because of this, we have so much variety when go shopping for things like wine, coffee, and most importantly, chocolate.

Here at Lake Champlain Chocolates we have a variety of Select Origin chocolates, each with unique flavor profiles that represent the region where the beans were harvested.

Lets start with our Sao Thome 70% chocolate.  Sao Thome is part of an island group off the coast of New Guinea.  Cacao trees grow nearby vanilla fields, and when the cocoa beans are harvested, they are already infused with natural vanilla scents, which translate into a delicate flavor when you bite into our robust Sao Thome bar.

Like fruit?  I encourage you to give our Tanzania bar a taste, and see if you can pick up on the naturally-occurring flavor in this one.  This 75% cocoa content is also very smooth and creamy, which is perhaps why it brings customers to our cafés year-round to experience the house-made Select Origin hot chocolate made with this intense chocolate and rich Vermont milk.  A small cup is just enough to take care of a chocolate fix – but don’t forget to have some of our own fresh whipped cream on top.
Lastly, we have our 80% African Blend.  This is our darkest chocolate, complex and uber-chocolatey, made from a variety of African beans, with a subtle mild nutty flavor that is sure to leave your sweet tooth satisfied. 

This is the go-to bar for any die-hard dark chocolate fan, its also a boost in antioxidants (yay! chocolate is good for us!), or for anyone looking to keep their sugar intake low, as the African blend bar has just eight grams of sugar per serving.

Keep your ears open for Chocolate Tastings we hold at our Factory Store to learn more about how to enjoy exceptional chocolate!