Seasonal Event Favors – Chocolate Turkeys and Snowmen

I know I’ve told you in the past about some of our more traditional wedding and event favors like our gold ballotin boxes with truffles and the sheer organza bags with chocolate hearts but being that we’re coming into the holidays, it’s the perfect time of year to be a little less traditional and a little more seasonal with your favors. And I have a couple items that would be perfect depending upon exactly when your event is scheduled. And what’s even better, they’re pretty inexpensive as not only event favors go but gourmet chocolate event favors go.

So, if you’re getting married near Thanksgiving/in November or even just hosting an open house, an anniversary party, a holiday dinner, whatever, the milk and dark chocolate placesetting turkeys are wicked cute.  Now, if you’re event is a winter event (regardless of whether it falls before or after the holiday season) the milk and dark placesetting snowmen are just adorable. He’s holding a little broom and has a sweet little smile.

Both the turkeys and the snowmen are just over 2” high, weigh in at an ounce of gourmet chocolate, are kosher and cost only $3.50 each. The only problem you might have is convincing yourself it’s ok to bite into them because they’re so cute, you almost feel bad eating them. Almost.

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