School’s (almost) Out!

There is a gift giving season that people seem to overlook – which is shocking when you think about how many “hallmark holidays” we have these days – but end of the year teacher gifts is serious business.  No one deserves a gift at the end of the school year more than your child’s teacher (no matter what a joy it was to have your child in their class for the year).

It’s a time for teachers to let loose, indulge, relax….and what better way to say thank you and kick off the summer than with some hand-crafted, gourmet chocolates.   They are appropriate, thoughtful and definitely will not go to waste.  No one needs another scented candle.

Give your teacher Chocolate Truffles or a Summer Assortment, the two teaching assistants each a bag of chocolate sea shells or some Chocolates of Vermont.  Go in on a group gift for a team of teachers with one of our delicious chocolate gift baskets!  We have gifts that run the gamut and with our cheerful packaging, there’s no better way to say thank you.  Give your teachers a treat to savor while they relax knowing they have the whole summer ahead of them.

And don’t forget teachers can’t do it alone, teacher aides, coaches, principals, scout leaders, piano teachers….it takes a village and everyone deserves a little chocolate.