Savory Cheese and Sweet Chocolate: A Perfect Match.

July must be pairing month here at LCC.  We just attended the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival on beautiful Shelburne Farms this past Sunday.  You might wonder what a chocolate company is doing at a cheese festival, but just like the microbreweries who attended the Brewer’s Festival the weekend before, cheesemakers and chocolate-makers also make a pretty good match.

Beautiful cheeses

Beautiful Day

While we didn’t hold a specific pairing session, we did encourage attendees to pair our chocolates with various cheeses by offering pairing cards at our table.  Kind of like sending people of on treasure hunt to find the best match!

Here are those pairing suggestions for you to try at home.    Throw in some wine and beer and this is a ready-to-go party idea for your next gathering!

Grande Valencia Truffle – Showcases local cream, butter from Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery, sweet dark chocolate (54% cocoa), and essence of orange.  Recommended with fresh goat cheese.
Organic Ginger Lemon Truffle – Sweet dark chocolate (54% cocoa), fresh cream and butter with tangy citrus and zippy ginger.  Pairs well with sharp cheddar.
Spicy Aztec Squares – 55% cocoa content with cayenne, pumpkin seeds, and cinnamon. Nicely complements a ripened goat cheese.
Sea Salt Almond Squares – A blend of milk and dark chocolate (38% cocoa) with salty-sweet inclusions.  Enjoy alongside a hard sheep’s milk cheese.
Chocolate Covered Almonds & Macadamia Nuts – Salted macadamia nuts covered in a sweet blend of milk and dark chocolate (38% cocoa).  Fresh roasted almonds covered with rich dark chocolate (54% cocoa).  Both marry well with hard aged cheeses.

For more pictures, click here.