Salted Dark Chocolate Truffles

Here is the truffle recipe as seen on WCAX Channel 3 last Friday, March 4th.  LCC’s seasoned chocolatier Kirk Weed, along with behind the scenes help from Lauren, prepared some delicious handmade gourmet truffles to share with the folks at our local CBS affiliate.  Check out the video and you can see it’s really quite easy!  Give it a try and let us know how you make out.

(Kirk getting prepped on-set)

Salted Dark Chocolate Truffles  – Yields 6-7 Dozen Truffles
54% Dark Chocolate (available in our retail stores or online) – 20 oz.
Unsalted Butter – 4 oz. (1 stick)
Maple Syrup – 2 tbsp
Vanilla Extract – 2 tsp.
Heavy Cream –  1 cup
Sea Salt – ¼ tsp.

1.    Begin by tempering the dark chocolate. If you are uncertain of how to temper, click here for tips on how to temper chocolate at home.
2.    Soften the butter in the microwave until it is spreadable consistency but not melted. Add to the tempered chocolate all at once. Stir until the mixture all comes together.
3.    Add the maple syrup, vanilla extract, and salt at room temperature.
4.    Lastly, add the heavy cream in two additions, stirring after each.
5.    Put the ganache into a piping bag fitted with a medium sized tip. (We used a standard 804 size.)
6.    Pipe the ganache into rounds in whatever size you wish.
7.    Allow the truffles to set up at room temperature for 1-2 hours.
8.    Once they are firm, hand roll each piece into a sphere shape.
9.    Once they are all rolled, either dip each piece into tempered chocolate to finish or coat in cocoa powder or our Old World Hot Chocolate curls. Other options can be confectioner’s sugar, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. Be creative!