Pumpkin Spice Done Right

Yes, we have a spiced pumpkin truffle.  And it’s delicious (ok, amazing).  But we want to be clear, this is no “let’s jump on the pumpkin spice-obsessed bandwagon.”  We’ve been making this truffle for over 20 years!  It’s always nice to be ahead of your time.  Back in the 90s it just made sense to make a seasonal truffle blending nutmeg, cinnamon and pureed pumpkin (yes, REAL pumpkin!) into our velvet-smooth ganache. It was our way of celebrating the taste of the season. Years later an unnamed coffee shop launched their pumpkin-spiced latte and the rest is history.  Now you can find pumpkin spice everything , including marshmallows, vodka and our favorite— kitty litter.  Chocolate & pumpkin spice = yes!  Lip balm & pumpkin spice = please no!

Small pumpkinsWhy the pumpkin spice craze?

We turned to one of our pastry chefs, Sarah Fidler, who develops and refines recipes for us and follows flavor trends.
It’s a complex flavor combination but still evokes simple memories of crisp fall weather, fires in the woodstove, and of course picking pumpkins before Halloween.  It balances sweetness with warmth and some spice. The beauty of this flavor combination in our truffle is the light creamy texture that is like a rich mousse but melts in your mouthClearly I too have a pumpkin spice weakness.

So the reason everyone loves the flavor of autumn so much is the same reason we made this irresistible truffle oh so many years ago — it just feels good. We’d like to think our spiced pumpkin truffle has and will stand the test of time. Because you know this pumpkin craze will end. The question is what will be next? Maybe our Apple Cider Caramels hold a clue…