Retailer Spotlight: Plum Market

One of the most common questions we get here at LCC, either on the phone or when people visit us for a chocolate factory tour is “can I find Lake Champlain Chocolates near where I live?” and luckily the answer is usually YES!  There are over 1500 stores across the country that carry at least some of our delicious, gourmet chocolate.  

This month we’re featuring Plum Market with stores in Chicago, Ann Arbor, Bloomfield and West Bloomfield.   With three generations of retailing in their blood, the Jonna brothers opened Plum Market in 2007 to “create a grocery experience like no other.” Trust us, this is not your neighborhood supermarket; it is much, much more.  Plum Market carries the very best in organic, specialty and local products, including all of our chocolate bars, plus some favorites like our sea salt caramels and coin gift bags.

The Jonna brothers want nothing less than “to revolutionize the way your family shops for food.”  And to that we say, bring it on!