Partnerships Make Great Chocolate

DSCN1147Ghana 2007

My first strip to origin was nine years ago with my dad.  We were off to Ghana, the land of cocoa with some other members of the World Cocoa Foundation.  With Ghana being the second largest cocoa exporter in the world, there was a lot of cocoa to see.  I knew good quality chocolate from growing up in the family business but I didn’t know much of anything before the chocolate arrived to our facility in Vermont.  What resonated to me the most on the trip was the education around farming techniques and how important it was for farmers to be able to increase their yields which allowed them to bring in more income.

IMG_3221Dominican Republic 2016

Fast forward to 2016 and a lot has changed. As part of the second generation at Lake Champlain Chocolates my brother and I have heard our father preach – dare to do better and always do it with passion.  So over the last few years at LCC we have been on a journey to learn more about our supply chain and support our global community. In March we took a trip to the Dominican Republic with two other LCC employees to visit Conacado, the supplier of our Organic and Fair Trade cocoa beans.  During our trip we got to see how Conacado remains a leader in Fair Trade cocoa and how Fair Trade does makes a difference in the cocoa community.  What I enjoy most about visiting suppliers is that at the end of the day you can find values that both companies share.  I realized after this trip that both Lake Champlain Chocolate and Conacado value partnerships and strive to produce the highest quality product.