Our Local Secret!


Bet you don’t know what makes our chocolate soooo sweet! Well, our secret is out! It’s time to check out our local secret, the Vermont Butter & Cheese Creamery!  They are visiting our factory store at our 750 Pine St location in Burlington on Saturday, October 24th at 2pm. This is part of a new series by LCC, featuring local farmers who provide the fresh, natural ingredients that have always played a role in our delicious chocolates. You better come early to grab a seat; this is going to be good!


The event begins with a butter tasting presentation by Adeline Druart of  Vermont Butter and Cheese (VBC). She will talk about how their award winning butter is made and discuss the taste and appearance of different butters. She will also share VBC's commitment to working with Vermont farmers around the state to support sustainable agriculture. 

And of course there will be chocolate! Gary Coffey, our Director of Retail, will be discussing how chocolate is made, the differences between chocolates, desirable qualities of chocolate, and the six steps of tasting chocolate. You will get to sample a variety of chocolates and butters and learn how VBC’s European cultured butter enhances the flavor of our chocolates.  So come on down, no need to register!