Traveling to Origin


Meghan Fitzpatrick, Nick Hadsel-Mares, Eric Lampman, Ellen Reed

A few weeks ago 4 of us from LCC had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic and visit a small farm who supplies the beans for our Blue Bandana Reserva Zorzal bar and Conacado, a large co-op who supplies our Organic and Fair Trade cocoa beans for LCC.   Each of us brought a different perspective to the trip—as the founder of Blue Bandana Chocolate Maker, Eric has visited origin numerous times, including several visits to the DR.  As for the rest of us, this was our first trip to the DR and my first trip to origin.  Over the next week, we’ll each share what each of us took away from this inspiring and eye-opening trip. We hope you’ll learn more about the challenges of growing cacao, sourcing beans, and the importance of relationships in this business (like any other).

Come on a journey with us to origin…