Old World Drinking Chocolate… in Country Living Magazine

It couldn't have been timed better. Country Living Magazine included a nice little write up about Lake Champlain Chocolates Old World Drinking Chocolate just as the temps here in the Northeast are about to drop. If you ever wondered why we had to learn integers in grade school, it's so we could tell the temp in VT in January when it hits the negatives. It's one of the joys of living in Burrrrrrrlington! The other is easy access to great Hot Chocolate.

If you already received the February issue of Country Living, turn to the "Tastings" section on page 120. Listed under the header of Foods By Mail is our Old World Hot Chocolate. They got the name a little confusted but we all know what they're talking about, right? There's even a couple pages just before it with a variety of yummy looking chocolate recipes including Chocolate Waffles, Chocolate Tea Cake and Chocolate Chunk and Cherry Cookies. Check them out. And if you make any of them, send some along to me. Please. 

Keep warm!

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